Friday, September 21, 2012

No matter what (Alzheimer's Aunt) & Alzheimer's day

I've been trying to stay away from the whole Alzheimer's Aunt (AA) situation.  It's mostly making me angry, as you can tell from my posts here.
One of my cousins told me something today, though, that I need to share.  Alzheimer's Aunt is supposed to be filling out some kind of lifestyle questionnaire for the elder care lawyer, so the lawyer can help guide her into the right paperwork, etc.  One of the questions was about being kept alive by machines, being resuscitated, etc.  Alzheimer's Aunt stated, emphatically, that  
if there is even a percent of a percent of a chance, she is to be revived and kept alive by any and all means necessary, no matter the financial or emotional hardship to her family.
This is a woman who did not hesitate to pull the plug on her own mother 20 years ago.  When my cousin, mildly, pointed that out, AA got angry and non-responsive.   
So it's okay for you to kill your mom, but not okay for your kids to kill you in the same situation?  And for your kids to go bankrupt and have their lives ruined caring for a brain-dead person?
Would you like to know WHY?
Because she thinks she's going to hell.  She doesn't agree with her church so she's decided her god is going to punish her.  I suggested that maybe, rather than hashing this out with a lawyer, she call a priest.  A very nice priest came out and talked to my grandma last year for her birthday (ironically, the last birthday present I ever gave her, who knew?) and I'm sure that same priest would come for Alzheimer's Aunt.
Today is World Alzheimer's Day.  Hope, pray, shake your rainstick, whatever it takes. for a cure.

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