Monday, January 19, 2009

anti-Alzheimer's helmet?

No one can say Terry Pratchett isn't trying everything to combat his diagnosis of Alzheimer's.  He's testing out a new, experimental helmet that is supposed to halt or slow the progression of the disease.
Science fiction writer Sir Terry, 60, who was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2007, wore the strange-looking headgear once a day for three months and noticed a small improvement, his agent confirmed.
The prototype anti-dementia helmet, which must be worn for ten minutes each day, was designed by British GP Dr Gordon Dougal. It works by directing intense bursts of infrared light into the brain to stimulate the growth of brain cells. Low-level infrared is thought to encourage cell growth in tissue and encourages it to repair.
I want it to work so badly...
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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

new GPS watch debuts at Consumer Electronic Show

A new product, aimed at children, will debut at the Consumer Electronics show in Vegas. This watch will track its location with 10 feet via a GPS chip. The device is called Nu.M8 and I really don't understand why they aren't making an adult-sized version for adults that are impaired (not just AD and dementia, but mentally challenged in other ways).
Right now, it appears that the device only works in the UK, although it is debuting in the USA this week. It seems to require some sort of access fee if you use the service, and it is accessed through the web or a cell phone.
I have written to the company asking them to come out with an adult version. Please, even if your parent or loved one has moved onto the Elsewhere Bar like my dad has, and you think this device could help someone else's loved one, take a moment.
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