Wednesday, May 04, 2011

what is EARLY ONSET Alzheimer's?

It has really been bothering me lately that the media (fiction and news) have be misusing the term "early onset" in reference to Alzheimer's.
Early-onset Alzheimer's is not early STAGE Alzheimer's. Early-onset Alzheimer's (which my dad had) refers to cases where diagnosis was before age 65. (My dad was 63.)
Someone who is 80 and just got diagnosed doesn't have early onset Alzheimer's. They have early-stage Alzheimer's. There is a difference!


karen said...

You tell them girl.

Annie said...

I am glad you have squared that away. My mom just lost my dad and has Alzheimer's. It is hard for her. I am reading everything I can and speaking with medical professional. Appreciate the website.