Friday, May 27, 2011

Tag sale for Alzheimer's, and Walk to End Alzheimer's

I've been unemployed for several years (a few temp jobs here and there).  I have no money to donate to Alzheimer's.  So I thought, why not donate other people's money (OPM)?
Next weekend I'm having a tag sale.  So far, I've got stuff from my mom and three of my friends--a 5-family extravaganza--and the money's going to Alzheimer's.  My last tag sale I got $600.  They have that matching program going on now, so if I can raise another $600, they get $1200.  And it's all OPM!
Because this cause is very near to my heart (but not dear, I'll never love this disease) I also send a blurb to the local paper. Not that anyone wants to see my fat face in the news, but if I can get more money (OPM) for the cause, so be it. I'll wear black, it's slimming, right?
I"m not sure how the Walk for Alzheimer's works; this is my first year having a team and the links I put in my sidebar don't go anywhere.  My team is named for this blog url: if you want to join my team or if you just want to add some money to my (so far) empty coffer.
If this causes touches your heart, why don't you do the same?  Everyone's got white elephant and tag-sale type stuff hanging around.  You can't donate it directly, but you can sell it and donate the money.  And your house will be cleaner!


karen said...

Good luck . I walked last year for the first time. it was great. Food, prizes,games. Did I mention free food. And music. I am working on raising money for my team too. Hope to double what we got last yr.

karen said...

Put a donation link on here. that is where I get most my $$$$. good luck.