Thursday, March 04, 2010

Dimebon fails Phase III testing

I wrote a while ago about Dimebon, a promising new Alzheimer's drug. 
From the Alzheimer's Association:
The Alzheimer drug latrepirdine (Dimebon) did not meet either of its primary research targets in a late-stage clinical study, faring no better than a placebo at treating the disease, according to Pfizer Inc., the drug's manufacturer. The Alzheimer’s Association is disappointed to learn of the negative Phase III clinical trial results, but we remain optimistic about the future prospects for better Alzheimer treatments and prevention strategies.
Pfizer is going to continue to test the drug, hoping it might still have some theraputic value, perhaps in concert with other, existing AD treatments.
Although my dad is beyond the need for treatment, it saddens me that this drug won't save someone else from our family's pain.


Christina Gammon said...

That's great that they are getting more new drugs to try. Pat has tried most of them and the only one that really helps her is Namenda. I wrote about her results for the Exelon Patch on my site and the results for Aricept were about the same (if anyone is interested)... but my point is that different people have different results. And maybe this new drug will be the one that really does help her. Thanks for letting me know!

Just Want to go HOME said...

I am sorry to hear the news about your dad. My dad was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers and I currently live 400 miles away. I am an only child and my mother passed away 11 years ago. Please help me spread my journey with my blog