Friday, March 06, 2009

number one!

I have no idea how this happened, but this blog is NUMBER ONE on Google if you search for "Alzheimer's Blog".  That is amazing.  People pay money to get results on the first page.
number one in google


UppityGalTampa said...

It happened because you give of yourself, your time, your energy, your effort and SHARE IT. I am a technology marketing executive, a web developer, and have been in this field exclusively for 12 years now= the "trick", rules or whatever you want to call it, for "ranking" at Google, start with the same basics: Content, content, content. But, there's more going on here than bytes, bits, links, references, blogging, publishing.
There is an authentic HUMAN voice. and, every day, millions of your fellow human beings are searching, struggling, confused, anxious, curious, inquisitive, desiring answers and longing to know = they are not alone. For Alzheimer's disease, memory loss and cognitive function are destroying someone they love.
as the daughter of a man who moves in his own murky, fuzzy, fading world, I am touched beyond words to find this blog.
Thank you hardly seems to suffice. I know what a commitment it is to publish these pages, to do the research, to responsibly cite the work, to deal with the crap... the trolls, the emotionally fragile and desperate who show up and only ask, demand, and take; the sad, scared, confused, lost, needing souls who are brusk in their questioning- only because they are so terrified.
I hope you know how very much you are appreciated. i am sorry for your loss; i am moved and grateful for your generosity in this site.

GBP })i({ said...

Thank you, UppityGal. I'd write to you in person but there's no link.
It is heartwrenching to write here, even over a year after my father died. It's still so very close to the surface.