Wednesday, March 18, 2009

charity book auction to benefit Alzheimer's Society

I recieved this email today.  It's self-explanatory.  If you like books and want to give to charity, here's your chance.

Hi There Bert, Greetings from Dublin.
First off: an excellent- and brave- blog. My own Dad has been an Alzheimer's sufferer for the past nine years. It is a terrible disease, but a topic that I have mostly kept quiet on. It's not something that I have done enough about.
Given your involvement in Alzheimer's and in the world of writing and publishing, I am hoping to enlist your kind assistance. Over the past four years as an unruly online book reviewer, I have collected a healthy bookshelf of first editions signed by their authors. This month, I am working to put some of them into the hands of fellow book fans while raising much-needed funds for the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. I've organized a series of charity auctions through, putting up for grabs my John Banville, Neville Thompson, Claire Kilroy and three others.
The best bit: I'm paying for shipping to anywhere in Europe or North America and my employer matches charitable contributions penny for penny. So double the full winning bid will go directly to the ASI. Full details, FAQs and links to the relevant eBay pages are on If this works out like I hope, then everybody benefits.
If you are interested in publicizing this initiative on your blog, at any time over the course of the series, I will appreciate it! If you don't feel it's a good fit for what you cover, that's fine too. Do keep up the content, your top ranking is well deserved.
With thanks,
Mick Halpin
Webmaster, Critical Mick "Reviews Free of Rules"

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Anonymous said...

It says here he sent you an email.. i can't find your email anywhere! how can I get in contact with you??