Wednesday, November 28, 2007 my readers

So many of you post anonymously, or when I click your Blogger link it says your profile is disabled. I would like to answer you sometimes. If you are a frequent poster, can you send me an email and tell me who you are? I won't share your email address with anyone. I just want to be able to respond.
Write to me directly at geverabert at yahoo dot com. If you want your letter to me shared on the blog (without your name) just let me know.
These stories were meant to be shared. Mine might be over, but I'll keep this blog going, commenting on news, research, other blogs of note, etc. No one should be alone through this, and if I can hold someone's hand in the future, I will.


Anonymous said...

How are you and your mother doing? I've been thinking of you. I wish I had done a blog when my father got sick back in the early '90s. I've forgotten so much of what happened. At the time, I felt like I was just barely holding on while dealing with a deteriorating father who lived 800 miles away, a husband in law school and a son in nursery school. We made it somehow and all I can say is it will get better. Make your DH leave the World of Snorecraft and help you and your mom out!
-Jill H.

Margaret said...

This is a wonderful and loving memoir. I had to go back to 2004 and read your entire blog since last night.

I currently am caring for an elderly couple who now both have Alzheimer's and are living at home. The Mr. has had this for quite some time but he has been a sweetheart. Sleeps most of the time, is a bit confused but never a problem.

The Mrs. has always been erratic so it's been hard to determine her mental health being a result of personality or something else. As of this weekend I now know but what I don't know - is what to expect once they release her from rehabilitation later this week and she returns home.

Your blog has been very informative and helpful. Not that I'm at ease by any means or measure - for this is about to turn into quite a rough ride for all of us.

God bless and my sympathies for the loss of your father. May you and your Mother be at peace. Take care.