Monday, November 05, 2007

149: update

The nursing home has finally taken my dad off all his heart medicines and Alzheimer's medicines. Now he's on a BP medicine (new, not sure why as he's never had a BP problem before), anti-seizure medicine (but reduced from initial dosage), an antibiotic for the MRSA, and I think one other thing, can't remember what.
Yesterday he was holding his head up--not all the way, but no longer chin-on-chest. We were there at lunch. He is still "holding" his food, meaning he accepts it into his mouth but doesn't swallow or chew. I got him to eat his vanilla pudding but it seems pointless. Am I not just prolonging his life by making him eat pudding?
His fever is down to 99-100 from the 102 it was for days. His eye is no longer bright red and both his eyes point in the same direction again. He looked at me a few times and while there wasn't exactly recognition, he was definitely LOOKING, not just randomly aiming his eyes toward a sound or shape. He did something with half of his mouth a couple of times that might have been meant to be a smile.
I held his hand and when I wanted to leave he wouldn't let go. My husband thought I was exaggerating so he came over and tried to remove my hand from my father's and was amazed at how strong his hands are.
Last week when he was really bad, his hands were so hot they were uncomfortable to hold. Now they were regular hand temperature. I have a feeling any HBP he has is related to either the extended fever or the swelling in the brain (if there is indeed any).
My grandmother, now living with my mom, has given up her cane--she used it rather ostentatiously the first few days, groaning with the effort it took her to walk anywhere. She took over, spreading her stuff throughout the house, not just in her room (which was my room once). She talks constantly, eats constantly, and is always fussing with something. She is making my mom insane. She doesn't like to be left alone but she doesn't want to go anywhere so my mom is back to being trapped in the house. Grandma has the TV on so loud I can't stand to be anywhere in the house, and she sits a foot from it with her sunglasses on. (She has macular degeneration.) And it is a little annoying for me that I can't see my mom alone. We have to conspire to keep things from my grandmother--how bad my father is, how bad my grandmother's brother's cancer is--otherwise she flips out and makes herself sick. And how can we do that when she's always THERE?

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Mauigirl said...

I'm glad your father seems to be responding to the treatments for the MRSA. Even if he's not going to live long-term, he must feel more comfortable now, and that is important.

It's possible (from reading your next post) that the blood pressure med is to prevent the bleeding in his head from getting worse?