Monday, October 15, 2007

143 thank you

This is the thank you note I sent to all my friends who offered me assistance, prayer, love, etc., over the last few days, and that includes all the bloggers who posted here and emailed me privately:

I want to thank all the people who took the time to respond to my earlier note with prayers, light and energy for my father and my mom and for me. It has been an extremely difficult few days.

My dad is now under the care of a neurologist, who told me yesterday he had two separate bleeds, one behind his forehead and one on the opposite side of his head above his ear and that they had stopped bleeding and would be reabsorbed. This contradicts what we were told in the ER—that it was one bleed and it was in the center of his brain and that it was fatal. This new doctor said most definitely the seizures were caused by the head injury and are not an inherent part of his Alzheimer’s. But he is going to be on anti-seizure medication for 6-12 months just in case.

So yes, this doctor believes my dad will still be around in 6-12 months.

Dad has lost a lot of function. I’ll detail it all on my blog. But he’s still alive, enough to try to smile at me and say “hi” and hold out his hand to me when I come to see him.

And that’s all anyone can ever hope for in life, right? For your loved one’s eyes to light up at the sight of you.

Thanks again,


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tochter said...

I know......please know you and your dad are not alone