Friday, September 22, 2006

100 --my dad had a heart attack

Well, it's a momentous number--100 posts. And a momentous day.
My dad, back in July, while mowing the lawn, got overheated and had to come in and lay down. It was a horrible hot day, right around the time Zen died. He said his chest hurt right in the middle (sternum). He has refused to mow the lawn since. We worried that it was a heart attack but he had no numbness or tingling or anything in his left arm. My mom's friend's wife is a nurse and said it sounded like a pulled muscle and that's what I thought too. After a few days it stopped hurting, they went on vacation, it didn't hurt while they were there. I never even posted about it, that's how insignificant it was. Dad's too stupid now to get out of the sun, that's what we thought, and with my Zen dying I really had no desire to do much of anything.
Then he started complaining that it hurt again so my mom decided to take him to the doctor, but the doctor was away (hence Dad running out of medicine and running away a few weeks ago) and due to the doc's backlog he couldn't see my dad until today. He did a cardiogram (I guess I'll have to learn a whole new vocabulary of illness) or something and compared it to one done at Yale in July and immediately sent my dad to another doctor. Meanwhile I was at the post office and I'd forgotten my phone at home so I couldn't be reached.
So it turns out my dad probably did have a heart attack mowing the lawn. He has some kind of really bad blockage and signficant damage to his heart including dead heart muscle. My mom said the doctor wouldn't give her a straight answer on if he had a heart attack or not, but what else would kill the heart muscle?
Today at lunch she was saying that my dad was on another "I won't take any more medicine" kick and now he's on even MORE medicine for the rest of his life. However long that will be.
He's going on Tuesday for an angioplasty in Hartford so I have to take the day off from work. I can't afford to monetarily (I get no paid time off) and also it's the busiest week of the month while I'm doing the paper's layout. But it's my dad, and my mom wants me there in case something goes wrong and some kind of decision has to be made.
So I guess I'll post again on Tuesday or Wednesday with results.


Anonymous said...

You are standing under the when-it-rains-it-pours cloud.

I am sending you an umbrella of warm thoughts and best wishes, may the storm pass.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Hi Bert--I was wondering how everything went with the angioplasty. Hope you and your folks are doing okay.