Wednesday, June 15, 2005

43 father's day gift

I don't think I'll ever enjoy Father's Day again. It was the day after father's day last year, on the summer solstice, that my dad was formally diagnosed with Alzheimer's. So we've gone through a whole turn of the wheel almost, and it will never get any better. How's that for cheerful?
Well, my fish died last night, I can be sad can't I? Yeah, my betta. That means all my original fish are dead. I had the betta and the sucker fish. The sucker only lived a couple of days. I got 2 albino cory-fish, one of those died, and I got another albino cory and a green cory. I have the 3 cory-fish left.
So for Father's Day my dad wanted another dinner-and-a-movie night. We did that for my mom's birthday in April and he enjoyed it. So we went to the Pacific Buffet, where he ate not a single vegetable-just plates and plates of shrimp and clams and that damn stinky "red sauce" as he calls it (cocktail sauce). He insists on keeping a "scraps" plate which he will not allow the waitress to take, filled with putrid shells and shrimp peelings, and of course it was right in front of me. I have to assume his nose has stopped working because everything he enjoys eating is especially odorous--salmon, for instance, and clams over linguini. Or maybe it's just that he likes seafood, which I hate and detest and am completely repelled and disgusted by.
We went to see Mr & Mrs Smith, which was a fun movie. The plot got a little silly in spots, but it was entertaining, and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have good chemistry together. (Not like the young couple in The Notebook, who had zero chemistry.) Ate lots of popcorn. It was pretty crowded for a Tuesday. (The theater has matinee pricing on Tuesday night, so that's when we usually go.)
When we got home, I fed the fish. The betta was hanging out in the front corner of the tank near the top so I gave him a betta pellet (he doesn't like--DIDN'T LIKE--betta food, he always ate the catfish food from the bottom) but he ignored it and went to eat on the bottom with the cory fish. This morning he was dead, all the color leached from him, his eyes staring. :(

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