Thursday, June 09, 2005

41 cat attacked!

Apparently a couple of days ago, a woodpecker attacked Jasper and injured his thick stubborn skull.
My mother said Jasper was outside under the tree, and the woodpecker was in the tree. (I don't know if it was a little black and white woodpecker like we have at our house in the Circle, or the bigger red one.) And then Jasper was at the door, crying, with his head bloody.
The cat hates me, but I am fond of him sometimes. He's cute. And my father adores him enough for three people. And I hate to see any animal injured.
I talked to my mom today and she said it scabbed over and it's not infected. I guess it didn't penetrate into his skull. She now thinks it wasn't the woodpecker at all, but a blue jay. Blue jays are really mean; I know they kill baby birds of other species, so perhaps one would attack a cat (or defend itself against a cat who tried to attack it).
Something terrible happened to my mom's cousin. She was out in her yard and a sinkhole opened into her septic tank; she fell in and was there for who knows how long. A neighboring child heard her calling for help but the child's parents didn't believe her at first. Apparently she became hysterical and forced her parents to check it out, and they found Theresa down in the filth with a broken shoulder. Other than the shoulder I guess she's okay. I haven't seen her in many years but I remember her being kind to me when I was a child, and inviting me to sleep over (which I never did).
Something terrible also happened to my husband's cousin. The story is a little confusing. He and his friend were in an SUV in a Jack in the Box drive through line in Las Vegas, where he lives. The car in front of them got the wrong order and an arguement ensued. Andy's friend beeped at the car to get them to move, and somehow the driver of that car beat Andy up, breaking his facial bones, and in all the confusion Andy's friend ran him over. Andy's friend was arrested for being drunk. Andy has all kinds of injuries to his face and feet.
My cousin better be careful; things happen in 3's.

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