Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Stick N Find Bluetooth Location device

I just found this product through a post on, of all places, the I Can Has Cheezburger (LOL cats) site.
If my dad was still alive and at home, I'd be Fry from Futurama: shut up and take my money.
Basically, the StickNFind is a tiny round sticker that you can place anywhere.  You use your i-phone or Android phone to track the location of the sticker.  If you lose your keys, for instance.  Or you can put it on your pet's collar, stuck to a tag.   Or your wandering dementia-ridden dad.  When you are within 100 feet your phone can find it.  If your phone can't find it, you can set up an alert that goes off when the tag comes within range, say, if you are driving around looking for said pet, or dad. 
The battery lasts for a YEAR and it's just a simple watch battery.  They are 2 for $50 and come in many colors.  And it's a one-time fee (except for the batteries), no monthly upkeep charges.
I've talked about GPS shoes and watches and things before, but this is very versatile.  It just doesn't have a great range.  For what it is, the price isn't outrageous.  The biggest hurdle may be the smart phone.  I only got an Android phone a few weeks ago, and there is no app for any other operating system except Android and i-phone.
You can use the app to make the sticker flash or buzz (if your keys are lost in the dark).
You can create a "virtual leash" which tells you if the sticker gets too far away from your phone.  This is for pets.  Of course if you aren't at home and your pet gets out of your house, that isn't very useful. 
The same company puts out a slightly bigger device called a BluTracker that has a range of half a mile and a battery life of 2 months (rechargeable).  The pictures it looks to be about the size of a package of dental floss.  It has the same features as the sticker, plus a little more. It can be pre-ordered for $70.

Note:  This is NOT a paid advertisement, just a product I found that I think would be useful to the Alzheimer's community. 


Anonymous said...

Does this work on Ipad?

GBP })i({ said...

You would have to write to the company. I didn't actually try it, I was just commenting that it could be useful. I don't have any i-products but I'd imagine if the app works on i-phone it would probably work on i-pad as well. I know from my experience with WebOS and Android that there is crossover between phone and tablet apps.

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