Tuesday, October 30, 2012

top senior site award

Another award for my telling of my dad's story.  I'm in disbelief every time I get one.  Really?  My sarcasm, my anger, you find it helpful?  O-kay....

The listing:

The letter:
I'm following up with you about the list NursingAssistantGuides.com published today of the Top 100 Senior Living Sites for Nurses. I emailed you last week to tell you you had been nominated for inclusion, and I'm happy to report that your site has been featured on the final list! You can view the whole thing here: http://nursingassistantguides.com/senior-living/We made this list so that our readers, prospective nursing assistant students and current professionals, could learn more about the growing field of elder care and senior living. As the baby boomer generation ages into retirement, there will be a growing need for nurses and nursing assistants who are passionate about offering lifestyle improving care to elderly patients. Thank you for maintaining such a useful site, and congratulations!
Best, Lauren

So again, thanks for reading, thanks for the support you give me, and I'm sorry this blog is necessary for any of us.

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