Monday, August 29, 2011

non pharma treatments for Alzheimer's/Dementia

There is a lovely letter here, to President Obama, about non-pharmaceutical treatments for Alzheimer's and dementia.
It reads, in part, "Drugs can't give people with dementia a life worth living. Non-pharmacological interventions can!" and includes a link to a petition to sign.
Hey, I think everything and everything possible should be thrown at Alzheimer's, including voodoo and the kitchen sink.  Sacrifice a chicken, then fry it up and eat it--it was gonna die anyway, right?  


Christy said...

I agree. My parents were the caretakers of our close family friend with Alzheimer's. After years of struggling with things to keep her mind occupied, they now run an online website and store for products for caretakers and people with Alzheimer's - such as games, puzzles, comfort therapy, reminiscence therapy, etc. I would love to email you if possible with some information about it. Sorry for posting this instead of messaging but I could not find your email on your blog anywhere.

Love your blog. Keep up the good work.


Alzheimer's said...

I agree! We're big supporters of any and all efforts to combat this terrible disease.

Anonymous said...

Other non pharma treatments for alzheimer's and dementia is meditation and lifestyle choices! This meditation outlined by Dr. Dharma is backed by new research and is very powerful. Thanks for you posts and best wishes.