Thursday, August 26, 2010

syndication and award

A third website, Avacara, has approached me about syndicating my content onto their site.  I am honored, really, that my terrible little story, which is not at all special or uncommon, moves people that much.  (It is also on and Wellsphere.)
I also just received an award for this blog, although the award's web page is not up yet. The site has honored me with a "2010 Top 25 Alzheimer Blogs award" which is pretty exciting.
Of course I remain ranked #1 on Google if you search for "Alzheimer's blog" (or "Alzheimers blog") which is just amazing. People pay huge amounts of money to get to the first page on Google's results.  And I am at the very top on merit. It's humbling.
I'd trade it all to have a functioning, happy, living father.  Although it is nice to be able to say "I am an award-winning, syndicated, top-ranked blogger" with full honesty. 
(Badges are forthcoming for the syndication and the award; they'll be up on the sidebar as soon as I have access to them.)

Update (9-27-2010)  Avacara wanted full ownership of my posts with no compensation (ie, they wanted the copyright) so that's not going to happen.  


karen said...

Your number 1 in my book. You have helped me with my blog and I think you very much . You Go Girl!!!

Sheri said...

How wonderful for you! Congrats! What an honor.

DAN HOWITT said...

Awesom bout ur story! Dan Howitt Nyc