Friday, September 26, 2008

Tales of Loss

So much bad news in my life.
Since August 2005, I have lost 3 parrots (Gwennie, Goober and Prism), a cat (Zen) and a father (the presumptive subject of this blog), plus a job (Connecticut Publishing). My white cat is going to be put to sleep tomorrow, if he survives the night, and my sure-thing job ended without warning, so let's up that count to 2 jobs and 2 cats. Plus my health is still not what it should be--I was nearly immobilized by my leg going bad in the spring, although it's better now due to nearly constant therapy.
Last year, when I was watching my father die, my friend asked me how I got out of bed in the morning without being crippled by grief. I told him honestly that if I gave in, even for one day, and called in sick to my life, that's where I would end up--in a bed the rest of my life, unable to get up and face the world.
There is good among the bad, of course. I've been named a Featured Blogger at Wellsphere:

Top Health Blogger - Wellsphere

So anyone who goes there searching for information on Alzheimer's will have access to my blog posts. I've got a few articles in my archive that I want to write about and hopefully I'll get to them over the next few days. So many new treatments seem to be coming out. Too late for my dad, but I try to think that it's not too late for someone else's dad (or mom, husband, wife, etc.)


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AccessDNA said...

Congratulations on your position at Wellsphere, and thanks so much for writing about Alzheimer's and bringing attention to it.