Wednesday, August 02, 2006

89 another major loss

My father and I took the cats to the vet for their shots on Monday. Zen-Zen hadn't been getting much better on his thyroid medicine so I wanted him looked at again. He had been very lethargic, not himself at all. My father came with me supposedly to help. But he won't hold Zen because he insisted Zen will bite or claw him. Just because HIS cat clawed him. I was so impatient, I said, "He's sick, he won't bite you." But he held the poor cat at arm's length when Zen is a cuddler and wants to be hugged. Then he was carrying the box with Nutter in it sideways.
The vet poked at Zen, took his temperature which I thought would be high (it was low) and took him to weigh him. From there, my kitty was wisked away to stay overnight. I didn't get to say goodbye or kiss him again. The vet called after we left to say Zen had fluid in his chest from congestive heart failure and that he was going to draw out the fluid. He called again the next morning to say he'd drawn out a lot of the fluid and then Zen was breathing much better and I could pick him up after work.
Then he called at noon to say Zen had just died of a heart attack.
I can't process the loss of my cat so soon on the heels of losing Prism after only 3 weeks, and my beloved Goober I raised from an egg, and Gwennie last summer. That's 4 pets in 11 months. Add in my dad's illness and it's a wonder I'm not a total wreck.
I posted a lot about Zen on my other blog, including pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear this--it really is too much. It's not fair that you should have to grieve for your beautiful pets as well as for your Dad. Be good to yourself and remember that animals know when they're loved, and I can tell from your earlier posts how much you care for yours. Zen knew this. He had the best life possible with you. I think that they have souls and are waiting for us in a better place--that's where he is now.