Tuesday, May 17, 2005

39: green playing cards

Every week when we play cards, my dad bemoans that the card backs are blue and red. "Why aren't there green cards?" he asks, over and over.
So like a good little daughter, I found some green cards. The Bellagio in Las Vegas has green & brown decks. A guy on E-bay was selling them as a a pair, one green and one brown. He agreed to send me two green decks instead. He's from Canada, a foreign hostile country far from here, so clearly that's why it took THREE WEEKS for the package to arrive. Those Canadians--who do they think they are?
The cards came on Friday. I had to buy a gift for a baby christening, so I made sure the tissue I got was green and I wrapped the decks up and gave them to my dad.
He was underwhelmed.
Reminded me of the dreadfully expensive Far Side book I got him last year, which is still in its wrapper under the coffee table.
He wants to play war where we each have our own deck of a different color. He doesn't understand that the decks won't stay that way, or that his green special Bellagio decks don't match the standard red and blue decks we were playing with.
My mom said he's hardly driving at all. If he goes to "work" he's been walking--it's only down the hill and across the street. The street is route 5, however. Hopefully no one will run him over. Although some days, it seems like that would be a blessing.

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