Saturday, June 26, 2004

5 reiki attunements, AD group online

06-26-04 Mayatime 11 Ahau 3 Tzec (Burner)

I did not realize today was a burner day when I made my plans to help my parents. I asked the gods what I could do, how I could help. The answer was, you help others by teaching them to help themselves. My question probably wasn’t framed correctly; I wanted a healing technique or a new symbol or something. But of course the gods were right (that’s why they’re the gods, after all).

So today I went over there and gave them both Level 2 attunements in Enhanced Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing. (I joked that it was an $888 gift–$222 per person, per level.) Then I conducted the world’s fasting training course: here’s how to turn the energy on, here’s how to disengage, here’s how to shut it off. Even if my father doesn’t remember those 3 things, the energy is inside him now and can do its work.

My mom said he was having a bad memory day. She had to take him to buy new sneakers. He’s always been particular about his footwear so I’m sure it was a fun experience. He’s got absolutely flat feet with almost no flexibility (I tried reflexology on him once. Notice I say “tried” not “did.”)–honestly I wonder how he can walk. There’s a thought, I should teach my mother the points to work for the brain and nervous system.

I have more thoughts, more questions, no one to turn to. The new yahoo Alzheimer's group I joined has nice people but except for recommending a book, I haven’t got much practical info. Should I get my father some kind of medic-alert bracelet for that day in the future when he gets lost? Should I register him with the police so they can help him get home if he gets lost? He’s still driving, by himself. That probably should scare me, but he doesn’t get lost, according to my mom. Then again, he’s still my dad, still has personality and thoughts and things, and taking away his car would be too mean. The stupid beings from Orion will eventually get everything as they steal his brain so why not leave him with the ability to drive for a little while longer?

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