Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alzheimer's song

Someone sent me this video of a song about Alzheimer's.

Hi Bert, I saw your 'Alzheimer's Dad' site. I'm a musician &; we recently completed an Alzheimer's-themed Music Video in Oregon. It's called 'The Forgotten Man' & is dedicated to my grandparents, Stan & Alma & others afflicted with the disease. Stan became 'The Forgotten Man' once Alzheimer's took hold of his wife. If this video & song can serve a purpose for anyone, please feel free to post or share. The link & lyrics are below. Thank-you for your time, Pennan. (sorry for the long lyrics...)

'The Forgotten Man' by Pennan Brae


It’s another rainy night
In this cold shore-lined town
Water beads down my window
Dies without a sound

Leaves fly through the sky
Trees dance back and forth
Winds announce their presence
Howling from the North

Sit here silently
Watch the scene unfold
Grown man weeps utterly
Can’t believe what he’s told

His girl of fifty years
Can’t recall his name
Eyes the storm outside
Feels the anger feels the pain

If you don’t mind
Just sit low
Tell you a story
You’ll want to know
‘Bout the old man
Whose love forgot about him

He was an old man
He didn’t understand
What happened to the woman
Whose life he gave
What happened to the woman
Who forgot his name

Thunder softly speaks Past the lightning of the sky
Sunshine rays stray slowly in
Once clouds take heed and die

Hurting tears always fall
Past the strike of the heart
Tears of joy overcome
As the darkness departs

Sit here with hands in lap
Tears flow from his eyes
Want to give him all my help
Just a boy am I

He’s seen the world at war Times that caused him strife
His soul is hit again
He loses the love of his life

I’m sorry man but I don’t know what to do
I wish that I did ‘cause I feel bad for you

Though I see not the years
Of wisdom that you do
Reunited you will be
Forever in your youth

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Alzheimer's disease (AD), also known in medical literature as Alzheimer disease, is the most common form of dementia. There is no cure for the disease, which worsens as it progresses, and eventually leads to death.