Wednesday, May 04, 2005

37: the accident

This is a first, to post here first instead of my regular website.

Yesterday my dad got into a car accident. I found out when I went over there for something else yesterday afternoon. My mom didn't give me a lot of details. She just said that he hit someone (car, I assume, not pedestrian) and didn't know it and kept driving. The person chased him, called the cops. The cops wanted to take his license on the spot. They called my mom at work. She went there; don't know what she said but they didn't take his license.

He was folding the laundry in the dining room while my mother and I were working on something in the kitchen. I realized he hadn't come outside to greet me, hadn't said hello, so I went over to the counter between the rooms and said "Hi Dad, you didn't say hello to me yet." He barely glanced up, said hello dutifully, and put his head back down.

My mother and I finished what we were working on and I had something to drink. I went to sit in the living room and harass the fatherbiter cat. My parents came in and sat on the other couch, and the evil cat decamped to go sit with them. My father just sat with his head down. He wouldn't talk to me or look at me. He was so sad. I just wanted to cry. I was talking to my mother about the break-in at my house on Monday and he didn't respond at all. Usually he'd be all heated up, saying he'd go kick the person's ass, etc. (He's totally non-violent, he just likes to say things like that.)

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