Sunday, October 02, 2011

Walk to End Alzheimer's pics

The Walk to End Alzheimer's was this morning, at Lighthouse Park in New Haven, which is on the beach and has an indoor carousel.

The four flowers from my team.  The colors got confused somehow, my friend's shouldn't have been yellow which is caretaker but they told us yellow was supporter. 

My hubby with his Alzheimer's shirt on.

My mom with her Alzheimer's shirt on.

I found this cool rock on the beach with a cross on it.  I'm not Catholic but my dad was so I kept it.

Me with some of our flowers.

Part of the Memory Garden.  Blue was for people who had Alzheimer's.

Starting line.

3 memory flowers for my dad, planted in my yard.  They are fun, they spin like pinwheels.

I raised, between my tag sale and Facebook, almost $400 for the walk (and they gave me 4 t-shirts, even though it's $100 per shirt).  It was very crowded.  The day started out rainy and horrible but by the time we got there, it was gorgeous and they said it was the biggest turnout ever.  When I tagged my pictures on Facebook with Lighthouse Park, it said 1077 people were checked in there--and I didn't use FB check-in there (I used FourSquare) and neither did anyone with me. I'd say over 2,000 people.

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Sheri said...

Every thing looked great you did very nice job. The flowers looked fun too!

(Living with Bob and Al)