Tuesday, September 29, 2009

rate of Alzheimer's is doubling every 20 years

Just came across this article on CBS, saying that the number of Alzheimer's sufferers is doubling every 20 years. Currently 35 million people world wide are afflicted, which is 10% more than had been estimated.
Barring a medical breakthrough, the World Alzheimer Report projects dementia will nearly double every 20 years. By 2050, it will affect a staggering 115.4 million people, the report concludes. ....
The report urges the World Health Organization to declare dementia a health priority and for national governments to follow suit. It recommends major new investments in research to uncover what causes dementia and how to slow, if not stop, the creeping brain disease that gradually robs sufferers of their memories and ability to care for themselves, eventually killing them.
There is no known cure; today's drugs only temporarily alleviate symptoms. Scientists aren't even sure what causes Alzheimer's. 
I have no affiliation with any of the studies I suggest people enroll in..but only by being human guinea pigs can new drugs be tested that can save other people.

Alzheimers is doubling every 20 years
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karen said...

I would love to enroll my mom in one of these but she is almost in the last stage I think it is too late for her.