Monday, May 04, 2009

HBO: the Alzheimer's Project...set your DVR!

I wish I had HBO.  I just saw on another blog that HBO is having a multi-part series on Alzheimers starting next weekend (May 10).

Sunday 5/10 9 p.m. The Memory Loss Tapes
Monday 5/11 7:30.Grandpa do you know who I am?
Monday 5/11 8:00 & Tuesday 5/12 8:00 (2 parts) Momentum in Science
Tuesday 5/12 7:00 Caregivers

There's a book and a DVD as well, click on the HBO link (or on this blog post's title) to get to HBO and order.


Judy said...

Check with your local library and request they order the series. I made this request a couple weeks ago and they called yesterday that it was in. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

You can go to and watch the entire series online. I just watched the first segment and it was very moving. My dad died two years ago from Alzheimers and it portrayed the journey very accurately.