Friday, March 06, 2009

Prescription brain-food to treat Alzheimer's

Got an interesting press release a few days ago. "Axona is a first-in-class medical food for the clinical dietary management of the metabolic processes associated with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s. Dispensed by prescription, it targets the metabolic deficiencies and imbalances associated with AD by providing an alternative energy source for brain cells."
Prescription brain food? Interesting.
"Axona addresses a metabolic abnormality of Alzheimer's disease that has not previously been examined. The goal of therapy is to optimize cognitive function. Axona is safe and can be used with other common therapies for Alzheimer’s."
I've read a lot about Alzheimer's and this is the first I've heard of a metabolic component.
"Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive and fatal neurological disease characterized by a substantial decrease in the brain’s ability to metabolize glucose, which is the brain’s primary source of energy. Known as hypometabolism, this defect may contribute to both the clinical and pathological course of the disease. Axona targets the metabolic defects of glucose utilization in the brain by providing an alternative energy source. Axona is digested and metabolized by the liver to form ketone bodies, naturally occurring compounds produced by the body at low levels. These ketone bodies act as a secondary energy source for the brain to help maintain and improve cognitive function."
Hmm  Are these the same ketones produced by a low-carb diet? I've been on Atkins and used the ketone strips to see if I was in the correct zone for weight loss. Is weight loss is a side effect with this food?  I wonder if people who are on low-carb diets in the long term (I have a friend who has been low carb for over 10 years) have a lesser chance of getting Alzheimers?   Is there any relation to diabetes? 
I guess I asked more questions than I answered here.  If my dad was still alive I'd be on the phone to his doctor finding out more information on this, that's for sure.
The company producing this interesting new treatment is Accera.


Anonymous said...

There has been some research recently which points to Alzheimer's being a type of diabetes - they are calling it Type 3 diabetes in fact. I read this in New Scientist last year and more recently saw something else about it. The metabolic issue would be related to that.

Anonymous said...

Could the cure for Alzhiemer's been known over 2000 years ago with the discovery of the Chakra system. In this report an area of the brain known throughout history as the “crown chakra,” will be examined.

Could Alzheimer's be a blockage of bio-magnentic energy, energy necessary for the brain to function properly.

It has been described throughout history as a “blockage in the crown chakra,” an area located on top of the head and brain.

Most people have heard of the term “aura.” The aura is the bio-magnetic/electrical shield that engulfs the entire body. It's the bodies energy source which is directly related to the magnetic forcefield of the earth.

In Alzheimer's patients their is little or no aura surrounding the head and brain. In therory one of the main functions of the aura is to keep the brain charged with bio-magnetic energy, specifically the nureons. The brain, the body, and our nerve impulses are all magnetic/electrical.

The primary effect of the magnetic aura on the body is to create negative ions.

The neurons in the brain are responsible for the excretion of acetylcholine, the vital neurotransmitter responsible for memory and many other bodily functions. They fire with a positive ion and are in a resting/charging state with a negative ion. In therory the lack of negative ions in the brain causes the neurons to have a weak charge and because of this an Alzheimer's brain resembles that of a dead battery.

In therory, cells with a low voltage no longer release toxins effectively. (Alzheimer's aluminum Therory)

Some researcher believe that these neurons die while others believe that they lie dormant. Studies have shown that the brain generates new neurons throughout it's lifetime.

In therory the brain has the potential to be recharged with magnetism. A simple wrist magnet (magnetic bracelet) is a powerful generator of negative ions. Worn around the wrist it can turn the molecular universe of blood into negative ions. Magnetism is such a powerful energy source that it has the ability to recharge the brain within days.

Specifically a north pole magnet with a higher gauss number is preferred. The term gauss is used to define the strength of the magnet. These magnets are known as health magnets and are readily available over the internet. They range from 1000 gauss to 5000 gauss. Local Walmarts also carry magnetic bracelets as well.

People with electrical medical devices ought to proceed with the use of these magnets with caution and under the supervision of a medical professional.

If magnets can provide relief from the systems of Alzheimer's, blockages of bio magnetic energy can still exist. Two thousand years ago these energy blockages were treated with powerful stones and crystals.

The most powerful stones and crystals known belong to a group called the synergy twelve. These stones are Danburite, Moldavite, Phenacite, Tibetan Tektite, Tanzanite, Azeztulite, Herderite, Satyaloka Quartz, Petalite, Brookite, Natrolite, and Scolecite. These stones and crystals are available over the internet and are known as “wire wrapped healing stones.” Internet auctions are a good place to purchase these stones.

Modavite and Tibetan Tetike are stones in which part of there composition is from space and have powerful energies attached to them. Phenacite is considered one of the most famous stones for unblocking the crown, while a small piece of Moldavite is considered to be the most powerful. These stones can be worn as bracelets, necklaces,or a small piece put into a pocket, can effectively removed these blockages.
While the synergy twelve stones can effectively remove blockages in the crown chakra quickly, less powerful stones can also be effective.
The following stones have been studied for hundreds, some thousands of years and have been recommended for Alzheimer's in many books and publications. They are Eilat, Blue Obsidian, Lapis, Ametrine, Blue Chalcedony, Lepidolite (a generator of negative ions), Rose Quartz, Citrine, Citrine Henerker, Purple Fluorite, and Clear Quartz.
Additionally, clear quartz can be used with other stones to amplify the energies of other stones. Clear Quartz is a power healer and quartz bonded with gold or titanium known as aura, opal, rainbow, and angel quartz can be quite effective. Quartz has the ability to double the biomagnetic aura. A book on healing stones is recommended.
Once these blockages of energy are removed, the event is called the “opening of the crown,” throughout history once described as a great awakening.
In conclusion, research has also been conducted in the following areas and has been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of Alzhiemer's. Brainwave entrainment, specifically the theta brain wave CD's, and monoatomic elements, specifically Gold, Rhodium, and Iridium. Monoatomic elements have the ability to increase the conductivity of nerve impulses in the brain by up to one thousand percent. Tachyon technology is perhaps tailor made for Alzheimer's disease.

Richard W Martinez

FDA Disclaimer:

The statements made here are only therory and have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). This information is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician. The information provided here or this company is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your physician, and should not be construed as individual medical advice. The statements here do not guarantee that you will get the same results.

GBP })i({ said...

Just so you know, Mr Martinez, I have 8 Reiki Masterships and the day after my dad was diagnosed he was attuned to the HIGHEST level of energy I could put into him and taught how to use it. He was not lacking an aura around his head and his crown chakra was fine. I tried many different modes of alternative therapy on him including aromatherapy. Please don't judge when you haven't got all the facts.