Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Peter Falk (Columbo) has Alzheimer's

Sad news: Peter Falk, best known for the character Columbo, has Alzheimer's.  According to his daughter, Emmy-awarding winner Falk, 81, "not competent enough to run his own life and needs full-time custodial care....(He)does not always recognise (sic) familiar people, places and things and is unable to bathe himself or care for his clothing." But supposedly he was still driving 6 months ago when he crashed into a building.
More and more famous people are going to be diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer's.  Maybe that's what it will take for it to get some more attention in the media and from the government.
(screenprint of original article)


Beading Granny said...

How sad, used to love to watch him on "Columbo" I visit here a lot as I read your posts I think of my mom who had Alzheimer's as well. I lost her on Valentine's Day 2000. As I write this a very good friend of ours has Alzheimer's and it breaks my heart, he has given up eating, drinking or anything, does not responed to anyone. The saddest part is he is my age, 61 years old.
My heart goes out to anyone whom, has dealt with this devastating blow to their families. Such a heart wrenching thing that tears up your world in just a matter of time...time, no time for saying goodbye or anything, you just never know when you'll lose them!
God bless you and always stay safe, and to you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a properous New Year '09.

Anonymous said...

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