Tuesday, May 01, 2007

123 no more Alzheimer's study

My mom had to take my dad out of the Alzheimer's study at Yale. I was (am) so sad to hear that. The people at the study were a great resource for her, very helpful. But my dad's violent reactions (not just a metaphor, but truly violent) to being taken into New Haven for the tests, and for the serum, were getting worse and worse. Yesterday on the way he was hitting my mother as she was driving on the highway and screaming at her. She can't do it anymore. She won't do it, and I don't blame her. That kind of reaction in him could cause a car accident.
He only got one dose (out of 9) of the serum. But he was so disruptive at the hospital that the people at the study had already made the decision to ask him to leave if he acted that way again. On the one hand, you'd think they would understand his behavior/reactions (aren't they trying to study this disease!?) but on the other hand, someone screaming and yelling and making a huge fuss in the hospital is inappropriate.
I felt like the serum may have been helping him. Then again at the time when he got his first/only dose, he also went on a 3x higher dosage of anti-anxiety drugs so I might have just been seeing that.

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Marvel said...

Sorry to hear that your Dad won't be continuing the study. Hugs to you and your Mom.