Friday, May 19, 2006

73: fun mileage

Today I looked down at my odometer and my mileage was 123456.
That's the kind of thing my dad loves. I forget what the mileage was, but we were all going to North Haven and my dad was hanging over my mother, totally in her way as she was driving on the highway, trying to watch the mileage change. It's always been a big deal with him when the number line up, like mine did, or when they are all the same: 44,444.
So I gave him a call and told him. He completely didn't get it. My mother was in the background saying "her mileage. On her car. It's 1-2-3-4-5-6." Nothing. Oh well.
The question is, do I keep trying? Do I tell him things hoping he'll get them and get a kick out of them? It's just so damn sad.
I answer all kinds of questions on Yahoo Answers about Alzheimer's and some of them make me cry. I am such a softie crybaby wimp sometimes.

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KERRY said...

I have read your article today and understand how this is frustrating, i too have a very close relative with this kind of dementia and know just hard things can be to explain.
Don't give up, when you see him just say it again and maybe this time he will understand. If he dosn't then just try again another time he will understand eventually it's just that sometimes the disease takes over them.
As i say dont give up on telling him things that he enjoys try and treat him as normal as possible, just imagine how tough it is for him and lonely he must feel.
Keep going.
If you want to get back to me i also have a website about Alzheimer's it is history-repeats-itself.
Hope to hear from you.